Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds combine two Roller Blinds, usually one blind is a sunscreen roller blind, providing day time privacy and protection from harmful UV rays, and the other is a blockout roller blind providing night time privacy and insulation.
In today's modern minimilistic homes double rollers provide a contemporary look without compromising on style. Rollers fit neatly into the recess or onto the face of windows and are chain controlled for easy operation. We use 2 bracket systems depending on the size of your recess, Acmeda and Jai. Colours for double roller blinds are the same as for Roller Blinds and Sunscreen Roller blinds. Our default bracket for double Rollers is the Acmeda Slim top front bracket. The width of this bracket is 85mm instead of 120mm on the standard square bracket. With the Acmeda slim bracket, the front blind is always overrolled and the back blind underrolled. The square standard bracket can both be under rolled, both over rolled or one over and one underrolled.

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Acmeda Measurements for Double Rollers.pdf


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Blockout Double Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds provide night time privacy and room darkening. Block out blinds keep the rooms dark and do not allow you to see in or out thus providing great privacy.

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Light Filtering Double Roller Blinds

Light filtering or Translucent Roller blinds offer day and night time privacy without providing complete blockout or room darkening. They restrict the view from inside and outside while allowing light in. The privacy level at night is low as they reveal silhouettes should lights be left on.

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Sunscreen Double Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds are designed for those who want light, but privacy as well during the day. They are made from mesh designed to let in plenty of light, but at the same time protecting you from the sun’s UV rays and the glare. At night, if internal lights are on, there is no privacy.

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