Your honeycomb blinds have been custom made to your specifications and are one of the finest window treatments available. Before you unwrap your shades, please take a few moments to read these instructions. When using tools, make sure you have proper eye protection. With careful installation and periodic cleaning, your blinds will provide you with many years of trouble free service. Unpack your new shade and check the packaging carefully to assure all parts have been removed before discarding the shipping containers. Be careful not to cut cords when unwrapping your blinds. Each blind is also packed with installation guides.

Fastening the brackets into various materials:

Sheetrock, Drywall or plaster: Plastic anchors or toggle bolts are required when studs cannot be used.

Concrete, Stone, Brick or Tile: Use a carbide drill bit and appropriate expansion anchors

Steel: Purchase #8 self-tapping screws. Drill pilot holes as necessary.

Determine Mounting Method

Your shade has been custom manufactured to your specifications as either an Inside Mount (inside the window recess) or Outside Mount (on window frame or wall).

For inside mount, a minimum of 20mm window recess is required.

For outside mount, if mounting above the architrave or other obstructions (crank handles, etc.), spacer blocks may be required.

Position the bracket on the headrail prior to mounting to become familiar with the way they fit. Engage the hook at the bracket front with the ridge on the top surface of the headrail. Push up on the bottom rear portion of the bracket until the headrail snaps into place. This applies to all our different honeycomb ranges. The colour and shape of the brackets may differ slightly , however they all attach to the blind in the same manner.

Attach Brackets to Mounting Surface

* Inside Mount

Mount the brackets to the top of the window frame and 60mm in from the edge of the window frame. Make sure the brackets are aligned with one another. Do not place any brackets over moving parts in the headrail or this may impede on the movement/rotation of the spools

* Outside Mount

Center the shade over the window opening at the desired height. Mark the position of the ends of the headrail on the wall. Attach the mounting brackets to the wall  50mm in from the marks making sure the mounting brackets are level with one another. Make sure that brackets are not placed over moving parts in the headrail.


Inserting the Headrail

* Inside Mount

Firmly push the back of the headrail into the tab of each bracket. Push up on the bottom rear portion of the headrail to engage the hook at the bracket front.

* Outside Mount

Engage the hook on the bracket front with the ridge on the top surface of the headrail. Push up on the bottom rear portion of the headrail until the headrail snaps into place.

CAUTION: Check to be sure that the bracket and headrail are properly secured before operating the shade.


CHILD SAFETY DEVICES:  Cord lock blinds: Each blind is supplied with a cleat which should be attached to the wall at a convenient height. When the blind is raised excess cord should be wound around the cleat out of the way of small children and pets

Continuous looped cord (chaindrive) Blinds; Each continuous looped cord blind is supplied with cord tensioning devices. Each range has a slightly different shape cord tensioner and instructions on installing these very important child safety devices is included with every blind including safety warning labels which are required under child safety government legislation

Operating Your Honeycomb Blinds

 Cord lock Blinds: To lower the shade, pull the cord down and toward the center of the shade to unlock the cord. While holding the cord toward the center, lower the shade to the desired position. Move the cord back past the outside edge of the shade and release to lock the shade into position.

Continuous looped cord (chaindrive blinds): Operate the blind by pulling down on the cord to the desired level.

Cordless Blinds: Cordless shades are operated by pulling down on the small handle supplied  to lower the blind, and pushing the handle up when opening the blind

Cleaning and Care

All you need to keep these shades looking new is a brush-type vacuum attachment or feather-duster for dusting; just stroke lightly over the shade. To clean with water, use a lukewarm damp sponge and wipe with firm, light strokes on the light filtering fabric only. Blockout fabric can only be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and cannot be immersed in water

All Our Blinds are packed with installation guides

Additional information on particular blinds is listed below. Each range has very similar brackets and is installed in the same way.


perfect fit measure assembly fitting Louvolite.pdf

Whisper Cellular Motorisation Installation Instructions.pdf

Whisper Liter Rise (Cordless) Installation Instructions.pdf

Whisper Easyrise Installation Instructions.pdf

 Portrait collection Vertical honeycomb installation instructions.pdf