Roller Blinds (Holland) and Sunscreen Roller Blind


Roller Blind (Holland Blinds) and Sunscreen Roller Blind Installations

All blinds come with Child safety devices

The pin end of the blind is placed in this bracket.    The Chain drive end is placed in this bracket 

Blinds can be either overolled or underrolled (normal).

Inside Mount
1. Brackets are placed inside the window reveal as shown. Ensure that the bracket is 20 - 40 mm away from the glass so that the fabric roll is not impeded when the blind is raised or lowed.
2. Place the chain control end of the blind into the bracket first ensuring that the markings shown are directly over the top of the blind.
3. Now slide the pin end of the blind into the bracket slot (opposite end).
4. Test the raising and lowering of the blind by pulling on the chain.
5. Now place the chain throught he safety cord lock and screw the cord lock to the inside of the window. NB Do not apply tension to the cord running through the cord lock.

Outside Mount
Brackets are placed on the face of the window as shown.


Cord safety devices are mounted to the face of the window.


Installation of the blind is now exactly the same as for inside mounts

Removing the Blind

Acmeda System: Hold the blind near the pin end with one hand and with the other, turn the plastic end of the blind (see picture), the pin end will retract and the blind will easily drop out.

JAI System: Lift the chain drive section up and push towards the pin end, the pin will retract and the blind will drop out. (see picture)

Acmeda System:   JAI System:



If the blind does not raise evenly ensure that the brackets are level.
If the blind 'rolls' off to one side, lower the blind completely and place one or more pieces of masking tape near the roller on that side. Blind should now roll up straight.

* Please note: All of our blinds now come with installation guides packaged with the blinds. Screws and wall anchors are generally NOT supplied as we do not know what you are fixing your blinds into. *