Roman Blinds and Sunscreen Roman Blinds

This installation guide covers Roman, Bali and Sunscreen Roman Blinds.

All blinds come individually wrapped and have brackets, cleat and cord weight included if standard blinds, or with chain drive headrails. Some blinds are supplied with gloves. Please use the gloves as this will ensure that your blinds remain clean. Blinds are carefully inspected prior to delivery and are guaranteed to be clean and free of any marks. Blinds cannot be returned for dirty marks.

All Blinds are supplied with child safety devices

Inside mount

  1. Place blind into the recess of the window and screw directly through the headboard up into the window reveal. Ensure screws are evenly spaced along the length of the blind. No brackets are required.
  2. Undo cords and release blind. Screw cleat into the reveal of the window.
  3. Blind can now be raised and cords are then wound round the cleat to keep the blind in the raised position

        Cord and Cleat Roman Blinds

Chain Drive Roman Blinds

Outside Mount

  1. Space brackets evenly across the top of the architrave, ensuring that the brackets do not interfere with the internal workings of the blind, ensuring that the end brackets are close to the ends of the blind .
  2. Mark the position of the brackets with a pencil and the drill pilot holes. Screw the brackets in place.
  3. Place the blind over the top of the architrave. Ensure that you are wearing gloves while handling your blind. Make sure that the blind is level with the edges of the window. Now screw through the brackets into the underside of the blind.
  4. Undo the cords and lower the blind. Screw the cleat to the face of the architrave.
  5. The blind can now be raised and cords are then wound round the cleat to keep the blind in the raised position.

* Please note: All of our blinds now come with installation guides packaged with the blinds. Please note that we rarely supply screws or wall anchors as we do NOT know what you are fixing your blinds into*