Technical Info

Insulation: What is it?


Is the quality of a substance to "resist" transferring heat or cold through it. In the building and construction industry, high insulation is used to maintain the internal environment temperature at a constant temperature independently of external temperature changes. This ensures that the internal comfort is maintained as well as reducing heating and cooling costs. The insulation makes it easier to maintain the same temperature, which in turn also makes your home a more ecologically friendly home  as you are reducing your energy intake and are consuming less resources.

A cold home in winter will need extra heating, Likewise a very hot house in summer will mean that you are far likely to use the airconditioner more. Regardless of how efficient your existing heating or cooling system is, having to use it more often will result in higher energy consumption. Good insulation is designed to regulate the temperature in your home, reducing your need for artificial heating and cooling.

Given the huge rising costs in all forms of energy, it makes good sense to ensure that your house is well insulated.